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HealthSouse saves you money on upcoming healthcare expenses and can also get you money back on medications or treatments that you've already paid for.

Connect to My Insurance

HowToSaveMoneyonCopays,Deductibles, andOutofPocket Costs

Just authenticate through your insurance plan's login form and start saving money.

  • Step 1

    Connect HealthSouse to your insurance plan by clicking "Connect to My Insurance" and authenticating through your health insurance company's login form.
  • Step 2

    Authorize HealthSouse to view your pharmacy claims and medical explanation of benefits (EOB) history by accepting the data sharing agreements that are presented. HealthSouse needs your permission to look for savings opportunities.
  • Step 3

    Start saving money on healthcare costs. HealthSouse will use the information that you've shared with us to identify savings opportunities at the pharmacy counter and doctor's office. You can also get money back on services you've already received and paid for.


Three simple steps to start saving money at the doctor's office or pharmacy.

  • Click "Connect to My Insurance" above.
  • You'll be sent to the log in screen for your insurance company. Login using the username and password for your health insurance company.
  • Review and accept the information that will be shared with HealthSouse.
  • That's it! HealthSouse will now do an instant analysis to look for savings. We can even save you money on medications and treatments that you've already received and paid for.

Why Is HealthSouse Free?

In 2020, the US Department of Health and Human Services passed rules that make HealthSouse possible.

  • In 2020 the US Department of Health an Human Services (the federal agency responsible for healthcare policy) finalized a rule that requires all Medicare Advantage, Stand-alone Medicare Part-D, and Exchange insurance plans to make "claims history" and "explanation of benefits" available to members via an API at no charge. HealthSouse is using those APIs, and since they are free, HealthSouse is too.

Your Login is Secure

Our expert team has the healthcare industry experience needed to protect your information.

  • When you connect with insurance, HealthSouse is able to see your past medications and treatments for a limited time. Your health insurance username and password are never shared with HealthSouse.
  • Your information is never sold or shared.
  • We use information security industry best practices to keep your information safe.
  • The HealthSouse team has 9+ years working in the healthcare industry. We know what we're doing, and we know how to keep your trust. Want to check us out? Feel free to email our founder: mark@healthsouse.com

Connect to My Insurance

Still have questions? Send us an email: help@healthsouse.com